Happy Earth Day

Are You Celebrating Today?

rhoda anne young
5 min readApr 22, 2022


photo of an autumn oak tree in full orange from across the water
Tree over the water: photo by author

Just wanted to say a quick hello and check in with you all & find out if you’re celebrating Earth Day today (April 22nd 2022).

Earth day originally started way back in 1970. Inspired by the ecologically aware protestors of the 1960’s, it began as a way of spotlighting environmental causes to raise the public’s awareness of pollution.

If you hop over to the Earth day website today you’ll find an impassioned message about how 2022 is the year to act. And I’m wondering since this message has been broadcast every year for so many, why so many people, companies and politicians are still sat on their asses like the proverbial couch potato, waiting for somebody else to do the job for them!

As a homeless Jane I have no great power to make them do anything else.

All I can do is set the best example to those I am visible to. But I don’t just do this today — on Earth Day. I do this 365 days a year. Homelessness makes no difference to me in this regard. I love our Mother Earth and I do everything I can to aid in her survival.

These are the things I do to set an example:

Reducing plastic usage.
By this I do not mean all the perfectly usable Tupperware I find in the bins (that already lives on the planet & might as well be used as opposed to rotting in some dump!), replace these with green options only when necessary! I mean that I reduce my usage of quick use plastics. I do not accept plastic bags from the grocery store — I always carry reusable options and unpackaged fruit & veg (from local farmers or even homegrown) is always preferable. I constantly reuse the few water bottles that we have at camp refilling them from the water point.

Reducing food wastage.
Being a homeless Jane, gluten intolerant & allergic to many other things, leaves me with few viable options for food in the first place. I only buy what is required (meal planning) and I use every morsel of food that comes my way. If I can’t eat something myself I find another homeless Jane or Joe that can!

Supporting local wildlife.
When we first arrived at the Wild & windy western wood it was void of any wildlife, the woodland itself aging, neglected and…



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