Helios goes A.W.O.L

rhoda anne young
1 min readJul 29, 2022

Helios left the tent bright & early on Thursday morning. He gave me no clue as to any disturbing thoughts in his head. But I guess they must have been there. Lurking in the darkest recesses.

This isn’t the first incidents of this kind. It’s becoming ( I’m sad to say) like a stubborn old friend.

I’m not sure if Helios has an inkling as to when it’s going to occur!?

He rarely gives me warning!

Yet again he has not returned home & Im Worried! I’ve reported him missing to the police. They’ve checked into road incidents, hospital admissions and arrests. Nothing to report. But the bike journey he’s currently forced to do ( due to bus strikes) scare me.

I walked a few miles of that road tonight in search of the twat. It seems there are no speed limits at night! The trucks blast by nearly taking you along with them!

I’m hoping the duud is ok & just fell to sleep in some bus shelter. But I fear some scandalous trout has wormed their way into his brain again, and convinced him of some disastrously stupid deed.

The dead guy — Steve picked at my shoulder again 10:30 yesterday to indicate some bother I could do nothing about.

Dead guy Steve forgets he’s the one capable of performing astral projection, not Me!

Oh how I would love that to be my super power right now. Then I could simply think Helios and be standing right by his side, take his hand and guide him home.

rhoda anne young

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