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3 min readAug 30, 2022


This Gnarly Knobby Tree Wants to Kill Me!!


*Photo by Rhoda Anne young*

I posted an article here a few days ago about the storm brewing above the Tangled Teepee!

Now I really wish I’d KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT!

To catch you all up on the detail - there is a traumatised tree trying to topple on my head!

It’s old and gnarly, with gaping splits in it trunk and it no longer cares for anyone’s life. Not even its own!

It's branches were battered many years ago, & they grew back at an impossible angle to sustain its life for long.

But it struggled on regardless.

This year it's been traumatized!

~ It battled STORM ARWEN and lost the only branch couterbalancing it’s weight.

~ The riotous rodents have been burrowing out its roots.

~ And the long hot summer has parched the ground. So now with every rain drop that desends its soil simply washes away beyond its reach.

Now it threatens to topple on my tent !!

I doubt it or I will survive the whipping winter winds!

Well the storm is manifesting quicker than I could of imagined

As this morning, low & behold, i saw the Winter Warmongers speeding toward my canvas walls.

We were planning to move the tent from beneath the toppling tree ~ it's that or risk being crushed by it when the twisters arrive!

Today we began prepairing new ground. Clearing the TRIFFIDS and stumps from the only suitable plot left on our pitch in the Windy Western Woods where we reside.

Its still lumpy & bumpy and riddled with Wallowing Wartholes. But, providing Woody (our local woodpecker) hasn’t been up to his usual tricks, I’m hoping it’s a safer spot to pitch the Tangled Teepee?


The site was (mostly) cleared when the rain began to fall so we took shelter and had a quick coffee break. When the Winter Warmongers arrived!

The wind whipped the tent -


- two poles snapped!

The "Winter-Warmers" list of things to get for basic survival never ends! And now i have to add a new tent!!



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