Is That a Fraggle Running Through the Trees?

No, it’s just my neighbour … Red the squirrel.

rhoda anne young
4 min readApr 13, 2022


Art Journal page of the Squirrel Clan by rhoda anne young

At The beginning of October 2019 we set up the Tangled Teepee in a little derelict patch of woodland (with permission from the landowner, of course).

It’s cold and frosty in the Wild & Windy Western Wood (W&W-WW). Being in between two bodies of water it holds the winter chill long into the summer. When we first came here it was completely void of any wildlife. Animals had abandoned it years before.

Not a single twittering bird or bouncing beast was to be found.
Only triffids (otherwise known as nettles) lived here.

And now, two and a half years later, here I am, introducing you to my neighbours. This week’s wonderful wildlife neighbours only moved in last summer.

They are the Squirrel Clan. Let me introduce you …

The Grey Squirrel or Sciurus Carolinensis (in Latin) is not a native of the UK. Its species originated in the USA and was imported here in the 1800s. Our native red squirrel ( Sciurus vulgaris) is now quite rare to see unfortunately! Although I know of a few places they still survive — mostly in protected woodlands because of their declining population. The grey squirrel is still however a wonderful neighbour.

Our little clan moved in at the boundary to our wood, back in the summer. The mother I named ‘Cauli’ because of her old cauliflower ears battered as if she’d been in the boxing ring or amidst a rugby scrum. ‘Smokey’ is her son. He is a true juvenile delinquent as you will find out. And little ‘Red’ the youngest female who left home in the autumn (obviously fed up with her delinquent brother’s attitude!). She has a little red head and paws, and reminded me of Red from Fraggle Rock, hence how she got her name.

We had no idea they had moved in to start. Until we began to notice the birds getting upset. We were putting food out for the smaller birds, their favourite being coconut shells filled with fat and seed. But all of them disappeared. Day after day we put them out. Day after day they vanished. I was about to blame one of the local dogs; as he’d shown a fascination for them. But I knew his owners had recently moved house. Couldn’t be him — unless he’d…



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