Love Once Warm

Poem from my soul

rhoda anne young
1 min readJul 2, 2020


‘Evolution of my soul’ Artwork by me

Piled dirty dishes
Encrusted dried mould.
Acrid stagnant water gelid and bleak
Turning meaner with every streak.
Love once warm. Now Arctic icy cold
Uniform stained to match the mould.
Downcast working only to survive!

Still dishes keep coming,
Piled high as the sky.
An endless pile of chores,
Creative existence still denied.
Empty. Endless. Futile war.
Heart and hands become saddle sore.
Meager existence. No dreams to unfold.
My nature denied, Always ignored.
Mesmerising. My spirit beholds!

That was my life,
But, it ain't no way to thrive.
Resilience Enduring Reverberant,
Soulful spirit buried inside.
Resistance Caprice. Always denied,
Narcissistic rule is trite.
Be duped no more.
I'll Win this fight!

Betrothed to my soul - I won the war.
Up and gone, Out the door.
The narcissists rule my life no more
My resistance to their chore filled life,
I live their dreams no more.
No longer fight their fight.
Time to find my own life!

With nothing but pennies,
My battle goes on.
Homeless. Heart shattered.
They might think they've won,
But I'm neither dead, nor alone.
I still have my War Cry
Ambition Sanely intact
I'll rise like a Phoenix.
I will Succeed.
Off my own



rhoda anne young

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