Mother Natures raptures & Helios's PTSD caused a writing hiatus!

rhoda anne young
2 min readJul 26, 2022
Clash of Life's Titans drawing by Rhoda Anne young

You’ve probably noticed, dear readers, how I haven’t been very present with my writing lately.

There seems to always be something preventing my consistency.

This time it was a combination of Helios’s PTSD and Mother Nature that proclaimed “ Rhoda you shall write no more!”

Helios’s PTSD was antagonised by our local Troll. With his head full of fog, his balance wavering — he slipped, unsure of the terrain of the tent floor ( having just replaced it from Storm Arwen’s destruction last year).
Unfortunately he planted his big steel toe-capped boot straight through the screen of my tablet.

CRACK — the glass shattered into splinters.

R.I.P little android & your drunkard keyboard!

Despite every effort to maintain my writing on my phone — it was itself — struggling for life.


Mother Nature’s consistent alternating between hot & cold, wet & dry weather, finally did it’s poor little processors in. The screen jutterring — Never sure of what it was doing.
It finally meet its demise back in June.



“RHODA WRITES NO MORE!” everyone screamed with astonishment. — hhh — Bet you didn’t even notice I was gone!?


And here to say “No — that’s not the way it’s gonna go!”

My Earth Angel managed to find me another phone (she is so wonderful & I shall write all about her soon!) Every Homeless Jo/Jane could do with an Earth Angel like mine! Sometimes she’s the only thing that keeps me travelling through this barbaric life!

I have however, during my writing hiatus been working on some other projects! Hopefully one really big change will be coming to my life soon. But, I can’t divulge it here! At the moment — its secret. Mostly because I don’t want any spoilers or Trolls getting in my way this time!

But I’m hoping it will be a big step forward to getting me out of this tent and away from the societal ‘homeless” label and it’s dogmatic Trolls!

I probably wont be writing as often as I would have been before. Because like everyone else on this planet i only have 24hours in a day, and most of them will be consumed by my secret project.

My life takes more twists & turns than I can count on my fingers and toes! I can’t keep up with them! But, I’m hoping this twist will realign my fortunes & fate.

Maybe I can finally see the back of the Devil card when I read the Tarot !

Hoping your all travelling well through the traumas of life!

Catch you all soon!

rhoda anne young

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