My Words Remain Unwritten as … Mother Nature Spurs Helios into Action.

The long overdue construction of our new tent & spring cleaning were unavoidable!

rhoda anne young
4 min readMay 7, 2022

How dee all,

It’s been more than a week since I’ve put pen to paper or a single finger on my drunken delinquent keyboard.

This is just how things pan out at the Tangled Teepee.

It’s not for a lack of planning or ideas or writer’s block but, because of Helios’s PTSD and the procrastination it causes in his head.

There are just some things that happen in life … and there’s no way around for me to circumvent them.

I’m gradually learning techniques to allow Helios to implement his own mindfulness. But he is a very stubborn man. He still has a lot of his father’s and past partners abusive voices in his head. And he is still waiting on the delivery of a therapist.

Trying to unwind the entanglement of my own abused brain is difficult enough … but when you have to do the work for two … some other things ultimately fall by the wayside!

I asked for some help from Mother Nature.

She’s never disappointed me yet,

Although her ways are never as tactful as mine. She is blunt and straight to the point.

But it seems to be just the … kick up the butt …. that Helios needs!



rhoda anne young

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