The Rainbows are Beautiful but Stuck in a quagmire — is not where I want to be!

Evaluating my life as the Mud -Wallowers drag me down

rhoda anne young


Homelessness can happen to Anyone!

When we first came out on our adventure Helios and myself had no idea it would result in this.

We had a dream and had worked hard to fund it. We packed up our tent (our temporary, cost effective strategy) and ventured off into the wilds of the UK in search of a Narrow Boat.

But at some point, the money went missing!

And only Helios knows when exactly he found that out!

Then the pandemic hit. And our fight for answers was put on hold whilst the world locked themselves away.

Helios’s mind joined the realms of the darkness. Driven mad by the trauma and waiting.

We didn't ask for any of this!

1428 days have passed since that first fateful day of our ‘not so’ grand adventure. Of course there were many twists & turns along the brief path I have so far divulged. No matter. The crookedness of the path mapped out today, doesn’t matter! The result would be the same. We are still in a tent. I baptised it ‘The Tangled Teepee’. It, Me and Helios remain stuck in a quagmire of ridiculousness!

We get no official aid!

I am struggling to know which way to turn to eradicate the mud that swells around us, but I struggle on regardless. Trying to tread water (or mud, as the case is!). Trying to accomplish an impossible feet — to rid us of Homelessness!

To raise funding (again) for that Narrow Boat.

A Homely place to dwell, away from the Mudd wallower’s and the torment of the Homeless Quagmire. With a homely fire to defrost my toes & fingers.

I’m here to fight my battle with my artists pallet in one hand and my writing pen in the other. I stand alongside my trusty crafting tools for companionship, to workout my hero’s tale.

Will This battle result in Glory or Defeat?

My muse tells me its the only answer.

To work our way out of this mess!

Only time and strong will can determine the outcome.

Here at the Teepee Totem I tell the tales of our struggle to exhume ourselves from this dilemma!

Come join us at the campfire.

Whilst I organise my scripts!

Dot the ‘I’s and cross the ‘T’s.

The rainbows are beautiful by rhoda anne young
rainbow by rhoda anne young

Nothing ventured — Nothing gain

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rhoda anne young

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