rhoda anne young
2 min readAug 18, 2022


There's a Storm Brewing Above the Tangled Teepee

This is the view from my tent door in all its splendid glory.

I live amongst nature & love it, but really would like a more stable home.

The Wild & Windy Western Woods I live in is old & derelict. And as I type, yet another tree is plotting its tumbling descent onto the already ‘Tangled Teepee’ that is my home.

Its poles twisting and creaking at night with every breath of wind that sweeps through our encampment. The boggy ground destabilizing with every drop of water that descends with each torrential rainfall.

I’m dreading storm season, which is rapidly approaching. I hear the beat of its war drums not so distant from my canvas door. And I’m wondering if I will ever escape the void of hopelessness that consumes my living will!

Homelessness is rarely a choice. I certainly never voted it into my life. Yet I live with all its untruthful socially implied labels everyday!

I’m working hard to escape it!

Please support my escape — buy me a coffee?


— just between you & me

— all ‘coffee’ funds are safely tucked away as savings for my dream — a boat that floats & home to be!!

Hoping your all warm & safe

0X0 Rhoda



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